Obstetrics (Maternity)

Obstetrics (Maternity)

The Obstetrics wing of Vaishnavi Maternity Home delivers around 2000 babies each year
We try to keep our primary cesarean rates below 20%.

At Vaishnavi Maternity Home, we assure the best maternity health care services. When the aim is to offer quality care, our team doesn’t leave a stone unturned to do the best.

Our expert gynecologists, obstetricians and trained paramedical team strive hard to be the best maternity home in the vicinity.

Our services bring a comprehensive list of surgical and medical care to the ‘would be’ moms. Combining our state-of-the-art infrastructure with their in-depth knowledge and skills, our doctors can tackle complications well.

Whether it is delivery service, antenatal care, or post-natal care; we bring the best and the most advanced treatment.