Policies and Guidelines

Rights of Patients

As a patient of Vaishnavi Maternity Home, you have the right to:

  • Receive necessary care, regardless of your race, gender, language, origin or source of payment.
  • Be respected for your cultural, spiritual and personal values, dignity, beliefs and preferences.
  • Privacy during care, examination, treatment and conversations with your physician and other health care providers.
  • Be addressed by name and informed about the names of the doctors, nurses and the other health care team members involved in your care.
  • Complete information regarding diagnosis, condition, risk of each treatment, outcomes and necessary care to be taken after discharge from Hospital.
  • Be involved in the decisions that affect your care, services or treatment.
  • To have your doubts clarified before signing Consent Forms, such as General Consent Forms and Consent Forms for Surgery / Anaesthesia / High-Risk Procedures.
  • Be informed about pain and pain relief measures.
  • Request a change of doctor or get a second opinion.
  • Refuse treatment.
  • Be provided complete explanation regarding your transfer to another facility and the alternatives available.
  • Be involved in your discharge plan.
  • To say “Yes” or “No” to experimental treatments and to be advised when a physician is considering you to be part of a medical research programme.
  • To express your concerns, complaints and grievances to any of our Hospital Staff.
  • Confidentiality of your medical records and any other information provided by you. Exceptions for this would be a second opinion, the law or insurance.
  • Access to your medical records.
  • Know the expected cost regarding your treatment and to have your bill explained.

Responsibilities of Patients

As a patient of Vaishnavi Maternity Home you are responsible for:

  • Providing accurate information about your habits, health, past illness, hospitalization, allergies, and current and past use of medication.
  • Reading all Medical Forms and Consent Forms thoroughly and asking for explanations before you sign them.
  • Following the treatment plan recommended by your doctor and realizing that you must accept the consequences if you refuse.
  • Informing us of changes in your condition and symptoms, including pain.
  • Actively participating in your pain management plan and keeping your doctors and nurses informed of the effectiveness of your treatment.
  • Accepting financial responsibilities and settling your bills promptly.
  • Following our policies regarding smoking, noise, visiting hours, number of visitors and other Rules and Regulations.
  • Taking care of your belongings.
  • Keeping your scheduled appointments and letting us know if you are unable to keep them. Reporting any issues, complaints or concerns that may affect your care.

In Patients & Attendants


  • Please note that the Hospital provides food for its patients, based on dietary requirements. We do not permit outside or home food to be brought into the Hospital.
  • The Hospital provides food for attendants.


  • All in patients are provided with toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, soap and comb.

Special Signages

  • For patients who do not wish to have visitors, the Hospital can place a “No Visitors Allowed” sign on the door. Similarly, if patients do not wish to be disturbed by anyone during certain hours, a “Do Not Disturb” sign can be placed on the door. However, you will need to give your nurse instructions regarding this.


  • Patients need a calm, peaceful and infection-free environment in which to recover. Therefore, to prevent patient-rooms and wards from becoming overcrowded and noisy, our Hospital has adopted a new VISITORS POLICY, effective from 1st April 2017 whereby only two visitor, at a time, will be allowed to see the patient during general visiting hours.
  • Visits should be kept short. 
  • VISITING HOURS: From: Morning 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM To Evening 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Security Staff / Safety Measures

  • The Hospital is manned by Security Staff, 24-hours a day. Please extend due courtesy and respect to them at all times, as they carry out their duties.
  • Keeping in mind the safety and welfare of our patients, their attendants and visitors, and our own staff and premises, we will not tolerate any screaming and yelling, threats, verbal abuse, and acts of physical violence, on our premises.
  • Carrying of arms and weapons in the Hospital premises is strictly prohibited.
  • Our Security Staff has been authorized to move around on the floors to ensure that all visitors leave the Hospital premises as soon as visiting hours are over. You are requested to cooperate with them.
  • For the safety of all involved, we also encourage you to inform the Hospital Staff if any suspicious activity is observed.
  • Please beware of pick-pockets, thieves and con-men.
  • For safety reasons, our Security Staff have been have authorized to remove / clear all unattended bags and parcels. Therefore, please do not leave any of your personal belongings unattended.

General Guidelines

The following is an outline of our Hospital’s General Guidelines for visitors.

  • Due to confidentiality, visitors may be asked to leave the room during tests or treatments, or when a doctor must consult with a patient.
  • For safety and health reasons, visits may be limited when the patient is in isolation.
  • Children should not be left unattended in the hospital premises. They must be accompanied by an adult.
  • We would appreciate it if you would please help us to keep the Hospital premises – including communal areas, entrances, stairwells – clean. Do not litter the place with paper or garbage. Do not spit paan.
  • Children below 12 years of age will not be allowed as visitors. An exception may be made for siblings of newborns.

“Absolutely No Tipping” Policy:

  • Our Hospital has a very strict “Absolutely No Tipping” Policy. Therefore, please do not tip our employees, as this will cause them to lose their jobs.

Flowers, Plants and Balloons:

We understand the desire to cheer a patient with flowers, plants and balloons. However, we have certain restrictions regarding these:

  • No balloons will be permitted.
  • We prefer that you do not bring any flowers.
  • No decorations should be stuck on, or nailed to the walls.

No Smoking:

  • For the general safety and health of patients, visitors and staff, absolutely no smoking is allowed on the Hospital premises.

Cell Phone / Mobiles:

  • Do not speak loudly on mobile phones in corridors, cubicles and patient rooms as this disturbs patients and others present.
  • Cell phones should be placed on silent or vibratory mode.
  • You are responsible for your valuables and belongings. Therefore, please safeguard these. The Hospital will not be responsible, in any way, for any theft or loss of your personal items.

Parking facilities

  • The hospital does not have any parking facility.

Dress code

  • Please dress up in simple manner while visiting to the hospital.
  • Avoid growing of nails uses of nail paints, Mehandi & make-up should be avoided in the pregnancy.
  • Male member are requested not to wear Bermuda & short to the hospital.


  • At time you may find the hospital very crowded.
  • Dr. Kakkar is very strict and some people find him rude.
  • Dr. Kakkar may not be able to give sufficient time in OPD if you are ever not satisfied, please be free to ask him.
  • We are not dealing with advanced infertility services. Though we have 9 special rooms there are time when you may not get the room of your choice for may be ask to shift room during your stay in the hospital.
  • On the day of discharge patient from special room may have to be shifted to the general ward if the room has been pre-booked.

Personal Items and Valuables:

  • You are responsible for your valuables and belongings. Therefore, please safeguard these. The Hospital will not be responsible, in any way, for any theft or loss of your personal items.

Cleanliness in Patient Rooms and Surroundings:

  • To prevent any infection, please do not sit or lie down on the patient’s bed.
  • Before touching a newborn baby, please make sure you sanitize / wash your hands.
  • Visitors with fever, cold sores, cough, nasal drainage, colds, diarrhoea, or any contagious disease should not visit patients.
  • Surroundings should always be kept neat and clean. Food, candy, wrappers and garbage should not be left lying around the place as this is very unhygienic.

Fire Safety:

  • In case of fire, please try to remain calm. Do not use the lifts. Use the fire staircase, following the signages.


  • At the time of a patient’s admission, the In-Patient Department will issue two visitor passes.
  • Children below the age of 12 years are not allowed in patient rooms as attendants.
  • It is extremely important that the patient’s attendant and visitor should, at all times, when they are on the Hospital premises, wear their passes in such a manner that it is visible. If not, the Security Staff who have been authorized by the Hospital Management to do so, will stop and question you about your pass.
  • Please note that if a pass is lost or misplaced, a fee of Rs. 300/- (Rupees Three Hundred) will be charged for issuance of a new one. In this instance, you will need to contact the In-Patient Desk.

Medical insurance

We do not offer cashless services however for all yours claims and reimbursement please come on wednesday at 6:00pm to the OPD.